Women V Cancer – My cycle ride, Milan to Venice October 2019

OK so it is a bit of a bonkers idea, but over a cup of coffee and tub of porridge in Pret this morning, it seemed sensible enough. Just how hard can this be?

After I clicked the button committing myself to a 3 day 355k ride, I calculated the daily commute I used to do by bike. I say “after I clicked the button” asGiving Works- Women V Cancer- Cycle Milan to Venice I think i might have made a different decision had I realised the daily commute was only 24k max, and seemed like a very long way. 12k in 45 mins = roughly 5 hours cycling on day one, 7 hours day 2, and 8 hours on day 3. Oh well. I do love Italy, so that is a bonus. Oh, and Jonathan in work told me it was all downhill from Milan to Venice so I’m good to go.

This event is to raise money for some seriously important charities. If you want to sponsor me just go to my Just Giving page  or if you can help out at a fund raising event then just email me please. Lovely. Scary. Exciting. Scary.


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